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Greensand Plus is a purple-black filter media processed from glauconitic greensand. It can be used for removing soluble iron and manganese as well as hydrogen sulfide from well water supplies. Manganese Greensand can be used in a completely closed pressure system with no aeration or repumping, or in an open gravity system.

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.30 - .35 MM

Typical Physical Characteristics

Physical Form - Black, Nodular Granules
Screen Grading (dry) - 18 X 60 Mesh
Apparent Density - 85 Lbs/Ft3
Specific Gravity - Approximately 2.4
pH Range - 6.2 - 8.5
Shipping Weight - 87 Lbs/Ft3
Maximum Temperature: No limit
Service Flow Rate: 2-5 GPM/Ft2
Backwash Rate: Min 12 GPM/Ft 2@ 55 oF


Raw waters having natural pH of 6.2 or above can be filtered through Greensand Plus without pH correction. Raw waters with a pH lower than 6.2 should be pH-corrected to 6.5-6.8 before filtration. Additional alkali should be added following the filters if a pH higher than 6.5-6.8 is desired in the treated water.

Typical Size

Effective Size: 0.30 - 0.35 mm
Uniformity Coefficient: Less Than 1.6


1/2 Ft3 Bags