Filtration Products - 1240AW - Activated Carbon - Acid Washed

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Granular Activated Carbon - Acid Washed is made from selected bituminous coal to insure positive quality control during the manufacturing process. Virgin raw material is activated thermally in a rotary kiln steam atmosphere. By maintaining high quality control standards, the customer is able to anticipate high adsorption of their molecular impurities. The finished product is acid washed and dried to remove any trace of impurities.

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12 X 40 Mesh

Grade 1240AW - General Specifications

Iodine Number - 1000 mg/g min.
Apparent Density - 0.44 - 0.49 gm/cm3 min.
Abrasion Number - 75 min.
Moisture as Packed - 5% max.
Total Ash - 10% max.
Water Soluble Ash - 0.2% max.
Total Surface Area - Typical 1000 m2/g min.
  (N2 BET Method)
pH - 5-8

Typical Size

12 X 40 Mesh
Oversize - 5% max.
Undersize - 5% max.

Standard Packaging

55 pound bags
1100 pound supersacks.

Caution: Wet Activated Carbon Depletes Oxygen from Air.
Whenever workers enter a vessel containing carbon, all precautions must be taken since dangerously low levels of oxygen may be encountered. Atmosphere sampling and work procedures for potentially low oxygen areas should be followed