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Filter Media: The portion of the filter bed that removes particulate matter from water during the filtration process.

Effective Size: The size opening that will just pass 10 percent (by weight) of a representative sample on the filter material; that is, if the size distribution of the particles in such that 10 percent (by weight) of a sample is finer than 0.45 mm, the filter material has an effective size of 0.45 mm.

Uniformity Coefficient: A ratio calculated as the size opening that will just pass 60 percent (by weight) of a representative sample of the filter material divided by the size opening that will just pass 10 percent (by weight) of the same sample.

Specific Gravity: Ratio of the density of a substance to the density (mass of the same unit volume) of a reference substance.

Apparent Specific Gravity: Ratio of the weight of a volume of the substance to the volume of the reference substance.

Note: The reference substance is nearly always water.

Hardness, Mohs Scale: A ranked, qualitative scale which characterizes the scratch resistance of various minerals through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material.

Sieve Analysis: Practice or procedure used to assess the particle size distribution of a granular material.

We carry a full line of filtration media both for vapor phase and liquid phase applications.

All materials are guaranteed to meet or exceed your specifications. Chemical and sieve analysis reports can be provided upon request.

We Provide Materials That Meet or Exceed AWWA B100 and NSF Standards

Caution: Wet Activated Carbon Depletes Oxygen from Air.

Whenever workers enter a vessel containing carbon, all precautions must be taken since dangerously low levels of oxygen may be encountered. Atmosphere sampling and work procedures for potentially low oxygen areas should be followed.

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